Our Staff

Passionate Educators


Mr P. Hambleton

Deputy Headteacher

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Ms N. Crookshank


Mr C. Baker

Deputy Headteacher

Senior Management Team (SLT)

Mrs E. Harley-Easthope: Assistant Headteacher

Mr G. Hood: Assistant Headteacher

Mr A. Perry: Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L. Podmore: Assistant Headteacher

Mr M. Bourne: Assistant Headteacher, Faculty Director of Science

Mr R. Killeen: Associate Senior Leader

Mr S. Ross: Associate Senior Leader

Mrs. E. Morgan: Associate Senior Leader / Head of Sixth Form

The Cheslyn Hay Academy Safeguarding Team members are


  • Ms L Podmore

  • Ms N Crookshank

  • Mr D Wigg

  • Mrs S Saunders

  • Miss K Collier

  • Mr M Bourne

  • Mrs J Bonser

  • Mrs M Cooke



Heads of House

Mrs N. Arm (Tolkien)

Mr S. Powell (Turing)

Mr A. Cox (Seacole)

Mr S. Evans (Fawcett)

Heads of Faculty

Mr P. Gittus: Maths

Mrs E.Harley-Easthope: English

Miss K. Luntley: Business, Computer Science & MFL

Mrs N. Osborne: Arts and Technology

Miss L. Horobin: PE and Sport

Mr E. Godwin: Humanities

Special Educational Needs

Mr M. Bourne: SENCO


Ms R Guttridge, Head of Art

Ms H Humphreys

Ms L Smedley

Business Studies

Ms K Luntley, Faculty Director of Business, Computer Science & MFL

Mr A Jacobs, Lead Teacher of Economics, Government & Politics and Citizenship Co-ordinator

Computer Science

Mr N Rowlands, Assistant Faculty Director of Business, Computer Science & MFL

Mr R Donnelly

Design Technology

Mr I Cooper, Assistant Faculty Director of the Arts & Technology

Mr M Greenway


Ms A Rai, Lead Teacher of Drama

Ms J Smith


Miss L Povey, Assistant Faculty Director of English, Curriculum Leader of KS4 English

Ms J Powell, Curriculum Leader of KS5 English and Assessment

Mr T Allsopp, Shared Lead Teacher of Media Studies

Mrs Z Martin-Priest, Shared Lead Teacher of Media Studies

Miss G Fitzgerald

Miss A Brown

Mrs L Fidkin

Mrs W Humphries

Mrs A Pinkerton

Miss J Powers

Miss R Till

Food Technology

Mr Mr D Taylor, Lead Teacher of Food Technology

Mrs V Moreton


Mr E Godwin, Faculty Director of Humanities

Mr M Hanson, Head of Geography

Mr S Taylor


Mr B Masters, Assistant Faculty Director of Humanities& SMSC

Mr R Allen, Assistant Head of Post-16

Mrs M Havelock

Mr R Killeen


Mr P Gittus, Faculty Director of Maths

Mr J Carter, Assistant Faculty Director of Maths

Ms T Hibbs, Assistant Faculty Director of Maths

Mrs T Pomfret, Numeracy Leader

Mr R Coombes

Miss A Qurban

Ms T Taylor

Mr A Riddle

Mr M Robinson

Mr A Cox, Head of House / Progress and Intervention

Mr M Rehman

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mrs L Binns, Head of MFL

Ms S Causer

Ms F Freeman


Mrs N Osborne, Faculty Director of the Arts & Technology

Mrs J Burton, Head of Alternative Provision & Stakeholder Engagement

Physical Education (PE)

Miss L Horobin, Faculty Director of PE

Mr S Rushton, Assistant Faculty Director of PE

Ms N Arm, Head of House / Enrichment & Inter-House Competition Co-ordinator

Mr S Mitchell

Mrs E Morgan, Head of Post-16

Mr S Powell, Head of House

Miss K Puszczynska

Religious Education

Mrs J Cox, Assistant Faculty Director of Humanities & SRE

Mr S Evans, Head of House

Mrs M Fackler


Mr M Bourne, Assistant Headteacher, Faculty Director of Science

Mr S Brain, Assistant Faculty Director of Science

Ms S Taylor, Assistant Faculty Director of Science

Mr A Blundell

Mr S Callaghan

Ms G Gleeson

Mrs L Lugg

Mr M Plant, Lead Teacher of Chemistry & BTEC Science

Mrs R Porter

Mr M Willbourn

Mr D Wigg

Social Sciences

Mrs L Millward, Head of Social Sciences

Mrs S Moseley

To email staff use;

[initial] [surname] @cheslynhay.windsoracademytrust.org.uk


Mr Masters is rmasters@cheslynhay.windsoracademytrust.org.uk

Mr Gittus is pgittus1@cheslynhay.windsoracademytrust.org.uk