"Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking." J.C. Watts

At Cheslyn Hay Academy we believe that it is our duty to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to develop their personal potential. Education should not only prepare students for academic success, but also teach about key personal attributes. Our aim is for all students to develop their character so that they will leave us with the qualities to become positive contributors to society.

Our approach to character development is underpinned by the work of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Education at the University of Birmingham, and you can find a link to their website and research below. To ensure that students are constantly exposed to positive virtues, we have adopted the principle that character can be ‘taught, sought and caught’.

Taught - Students can be taught about what good character looks like through their educational experiences and at Cheslyn Hay Academy, we ensure that opportunities to exploit links to character are made through the curriculum.

Sought - Students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to develop their character through extra-curricular experiences and an array of leadership opportunities.

Caught - Constant exposure to positive role models, and a recognition of when good character has been demonstrated means that students are able to ‘catch’ positive character traits.

We have high expectations of all of our students and our ASPIRE principles aim to guide their behaviour, conduct and character development:

Active - students are active in taking responsibility for their learning and personal development.

Sure - students are sure that they can always improve and set ambitious goals to achieve.

Positive - students are polite and courteous, and demonstrate a positive attitude towards their learning and towards others.

Imaginative - students are curious and imaginative in their thinking.

Resilient - students are able to bounce back from difficult situations and reflect on previous experiences to make the necessary improvements.

Effort - students demonstrate extremely high levels of effort in all that they do.

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