Adverse Weather Procedures

Shovelling Snow

Each year, many people suffer personal injuries as a consequence of slipping and falling on ice and snow. In line with the approved code of practice which supports the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations it is the aim of the governors to have a policy to ensure that adequate arrangements are made to ensure that the risks from snow and ice are minimised.

It is the school’s aim to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the establishment remains open as normal. To assist this process the school has undertaken a risk assessment which is reviewed annually to identify the hazards associated with snow and ice on the premises and allows for procedures to be implemented, priority areas to be determined, and staff to be clear about their responsibilities in these weather situations.

However, there may be times when a decision to close the school has to be made. The aim will be to make a decision by 7:00am with all communications updated by 7:15am at the latest.

In essence there are four key stages:

  1. preparing for adverse weather conditions

  2. determining whether the school is to close

  3. communicating the decision to close

  4. and preparing to open the school again as soon as possible.


Once a decision has been made to close the school, the Decision Team will update the following services as soon as is practically possible:

• School main switch board staff

• School web site

• Local Authority - Emergency Closures

• County Catering

• Pupil Transport

• Cleaning Services

• Leisure Centre

• Cheslyn Hay Primary School


Where any member of staff has arranged for a visitor to the school, organised a school event or planned any outside trips or visits, they will discuss the options with the Decision Team. Any decision made will then be added to the information going out stakeholders. Where examinations are planned for the day, the Examinations Manager will be informed as soon as possible and will implement the examinations emergency closure plan in conjunction with the examinations bodies procedures and guidance.

Contacting the Local Authority

From November 2012 a new process has been introduced to publicise school closures. This new process allows schools to update the county council's web site in real time, allowing parents to get up to date information on their child's school in the quickest way possible. In addition, a smart phone version of the school closure list is also available for any parents on the move or without PC access. The old process of phoning local radio stations with a password is no longer required. Radio stations will be asked to check the county council's web site for closures as this will hold all the most up to date information with the new process.

In order to minimise unnecessary queries please refer to the NEWS section News on the school website or the county council's website Staffordshire Schools Closures in the first instance